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TechHub Riga is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster, grow their professional network, collaborate and have fun. Since November, 2014, TechHub Riga is located at its new premises in the centre of the Old Town, offering more space, bigger benefit package and invaluable co-working feeling. We know – by getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.

TechHub Riga also kicks off a fundraising campaign and invites everyone to become an integral part of the startup community. Sponsor a desk or a mug at TechHub Riga and help us build more success stories!

Events @ TechHub
18:30, TechHub Riga
The Center of Young Entrepreneurs and radi!2015 week invite you to 'Capacity Building by Night' at TechHub Riga to showcase your talents, network and build new contacts in creative industries, entrepreneurship and technology. You'll have an opportunity to hear what 'Creative Business Cup' for creative industries is, join a speed-dating session to share knowledge and expertise among each other and listen to the story of Gigi Bloks. The event is free of charge.
Life at TechHub
I enjoy working at TechHub as you can choose how and where you work, plus there's a buzz of quiet activity which keeps you going all day. When you want a break there's plenty going on inside and outside the building. People are all willing to give advice and help and there's plenty of opportunity to have an after work beer.
Roland White from Ginger Guru
some of our members

01 Mar 2015 18:36

Startup Sauna, the biggest accelerator in the region, came over to TechHub Riga to offer a one day coaching to local startups. The warm-up event gave a great insight in the local startup scene, and we were pleased to see both well-known and new faces on the pitching stage.

25 Feb 2015 10:33

Education matters - we've all seen it and experienced it, either as students, teachers or principals. TechHub Riga startup Edurio, who've recently won the TechChill Baltics pitch contest and a trip to Israel, are building tools for schools and universities to track their education quality and identify improvement opportunities. We chatted with their CEO Ernest Jenavs to find out the story behind their startup and learn what they are up to.

15 Feb 2015 12:18

The coolest and the most content driven startup and IT conference in Latvia, TechChill Baltics, reveals expert advice in business growth and management, robot fights and pitch contest winner Edurio. More than 300 attendees visited the conference in person, while more than 3000 people followed the conference online on Lattelecom Television.