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I've been part of TechHub since the beginning and on the whole the experience has been fantastic. TechHub and its community has brought many great benefits from media opportunities to the chance to hear great speakers from the tech world, but above all working side by side so many fellow entrepreneurs who all get 'the struggle' has been massively motivating and encouraging. The Silicon Valley pay-it-forward ethos is alive and well within TechHub's walls

Brendan Gill from OpenSignalMaps

Garage48 with LOT of teams! Final pitches are done,now the jury will do its job, follow online

Some of our Members


Picking the pitches in Startup Sauna warmup event in Riga

4 days ago

Startup Sauna continues rocking the tech-community with its warmup events around Europe, and we thought we’d give a round of applause once more to those who attended the fantastic event at TechHub Riga on March 27. With the coaching panel of Harry Santamäki, Jarmo Kuusivuori, Saku Everi, Andris K. Berzins, Ernest Jenavs and Viesturs Sosars standing firm, the event summed up a prospective talent pool in Latvia and opened doors for improvements and new ideas.

Latvian start-up Fastr Books becomes the largest e-book Latvian trader, offering more than 4 000 e-books

24 days ago

After several months of work TechHub Riga member's Fastr Books e-book reading platform development has been completed as well as company has signed cooperation agreements with the biggest publishers in Latvia including Zvaigzne ABC, Jumava, Mansards and The White Book. As a result of Fastr Books now has become the largest e-book store in Latvia, and aims to expand its operations in Europe and the United States.