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TechHub Riga is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster, grow their professional network, collaborate and have fun. Since November, 2014, TechHub Riga is located at its new premises in the centre of the Old Town, offering more space, bigger benefit package and invaluable co-working feeling. We know – by getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.

TechHub Riga also kicks off a fundraising campaign and invites everyone to become an integral part of the startup community. Sponsor a desk or a mug at TechHub Riga and help us build more success stories!

Plus, we’re honored to open the very first Open Device Lab in the Baltics, a shared community pool of smartphones, tablets, or consoles that let developers test their websites and apps. It’s simple – come over to our place, test your product and check what needs to be improved. All free of charge and regardless of the stage your product is at! We have the first devices in place, but new sponsors and donors are welcome.

Events @ TechHub
19:00, TechHub Riga
Time for the third WordPress MeetUp - we hope you join us for a great evening talking about WordPress! Join us, have fun, share what you know, learn from each other and be inspired to try new things in WordPress! More information to follow!
Life at TechHub
I enjoy working at TechHub as you can choose how and where you work, plus there's a buzz of quiet activity which keeps you going all day. When you want a break there's plenty going on inside and outside the building. People are all willing to give advice and help and there's plenty of opportunity to have an after work beer.
Roland White from Ginger Guru
some of our members

20 Aug 2015 12:17

Want to explore the tech world and creative industries? Be ready – September is the official startup month in Latvia! We team up with The Mill and Eegloo for the #StartUpTheSeason initiative and invite everyone to find out more about the Latvia’s tech scene! Join us!

05 Aug 2015 08:19

Have a startup that’s ready to grow? Need a feedback to grow even faster? Look no further - the biggest Northern Europe accelerator Startup Sauna returns to Riga on August 28th to give a one-day business coaching to local startups and offer a fantastic opportunity to be shortlisted for the Startup Sauna fall 2015 acceleration program in Finland. Applications are already open!

24 Jul 2015 06:21

Why and how do startups pitch? We invited the pitching regulars BranchTrack to our meetup to answer these questions and share their experience behind pitching at LOGIN, Latitude59 and Arctic15. Founder and CEO Sergey Snegirev revealed what made a good pitch and why a good pitch was not enough on its own to win.